Awaken the Reverend
A so called Reverend that has been to seek by others for forgiveness and immortality and holiness, with some one explaining it cannot be done.

Leave me, show me how to wonder, thinking of sickness tonight
Wandering every scare, finding a secret so let?s say it?s alright

So how do you find a dead end unseen, will it continue?
If there is a reason now to make it a priority, make it through

Fear inside you so what do you call it and where did it come from?
If it brings you down then you can call it around and so here it comes

Awaken the Reverend, tell me how it should be
Fear is awakened again, take the thief in grief
It has a never too end, find the killing of thee
So why do you still pretend, that he?s still alive?

Levering down, meet me to speak, is there a way to worship
And worship the fallen man, man of a burden, still suffering

Guitar solo
*waiting for someone to steal it*
its good
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