Opening up my eyes, trying to stop the crying
Vacuuming the broken heart, I can't but I'll keep trying
Erasing all the moments and memories I have of you
Running through walls, but there's one I can't break

He's a heartbreaker, I can't believe what he did
Unwise and messed up in his own head
Many times I fell for the lies and denied the truth
Broken inside, I'm a disaster because of you
Echoes of your voice, pound inside my mind
Regretting every breath, what a waste of time
Tears stung while falling, but these cheeks are now dried
Offered my heart, I need it back, it belongs to me,
myself, and I

Miserable in my mind, a bit satisfied in my heart, I feel
so confused
Emotional pain hurts more than physical abuse
Now and then, I wish I never fell
Dents, scratches, and scars are hurting like hell
Ordering myself to be strong, I try moving forwards
Z to A, I lose track and start going backwards
At least I can say, when people ask if we're over, is that
I'm stuck here trying to put myself back together


^^ well thats the song I wrote and its called "Recovering".. what do u think of it?
if you were trying to communicate a feeling of misery, then it worked. You sound so sincerely sad in this that I can't help but sympathize. good writing.
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Cuando moría; Vi todo cerca de mí, todo lejos de mí, y todo adentro de mí. El cielo fue abierto, y en oblivio, me olvidé.
was this based on a true story? it was so detailed its really got me wondering... well done. id give this about a 8/10...
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