What are the best Wah pedals for bass? I've heard good things about the Morley and Dunlop wahs. Anyone have tried any of these and have any info on them it would be great, thanks.
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I like the sound of the Dunlop 105-Q
but i have had some troubles with it cutting out
a wire got lose when i dropped it once
I just havent gotten around to taping it in place
but its an easy finger fix
that the only trouble i have had with it
Id definatly recommend it
its awsome with the spring back
its easier to use than most wahs
I dunno about the morley one
havent tried
much more expensive I think
but yea
[standardawnser] Try out the pedal before you use it like always, but the one that suits you better![/standardawnser]
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Morley makes a good Wah. That Bootsy Collins signature wah from Snarling Dogs or whatever looks pretty cool too.
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The Dimebag Darrel wah is very good (I had it for a while, sold it ONLY to fund my 6 string)

However, for my next wah I've done more research and I'm giong with an Ibanez WD7.

But the Dime, if I found an insane deal, I'd get without hesitation. COuld do classic wah sounds good, and it absoultely NAILED Cliff Burton's wah tone.
I have the Dunlop 105Q. It is solid, reliable, and sounds pretty damn cool. I reccomend it but try before you buy
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John Frusciante's choice of Wah is the Ibanez, so it can't be bad, but I like the Vox Wah. I hear Flea had also used John's Ibanez Wah, and a crybaby.
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John Frusciante's choice of Wah is the Ibanez, so it can't be bad, but I like the Vox Wah. I hear Flea had also used John's Ibanez Wah, and a crybaby.

I tried a guitar crybaby but it doesnt respond at all..
I think the Morley is the best bass wah. Crybabys are built like lego, and dont cut it on the low end enough for me. The Morley made a bit of wee seep into my pants it was so nice.
I love my Weeping Demon (in bass mode, of course), it sounds awesome with a little bit of OD, almost a synth-y Tim Commerford sound (listen to Calm Like a Bomb, by RATM, not the same gear, but the same sound). Sounds great with a guitar to, just incase, a real evil sound with a lot of distortion (on the guitar). It has more of a WOAH WOAH sound instead of a WAH WAh sound.
the bass crybaby is great for funk
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