I have been using an Ibanez(here ) that i got froma pawn shoop for some time now, and i really feel i need a new guitar.
I just want something alright, nothing amazing, and i dont want to spend thousands on a gibson that everyone else has, so if you have any suggestions for less than $300...
It would be greatly appreciated.
just keep on using that guitar until you can save enough for a decent one. Why bother starting a collection of crap when u can just wait a while and buy a good guitar. In the long run youll save money just buying a 1000 dollar guitar instead of buying a 150 then a 300 then a 500 then a 700 then a 1000.
yeah for under 300 you wont get much. ill second deadmansdiary
I would like to disagree with both of the posters above (deadmansdiary, jet).

A Bang-For-The-Buck Schecter Omen 6

Really Nice Sounding, Great Deal

As Recommended by Jenny
Buy an Epiphone G-310. Amazing guitar.
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Quote by Max Radical
Epiphone G-310 SG
Epiphone LP-100

Those are both really cruddy for the money. Just think, the step-up to the G-310 is the G-400, which is $300 even. It sounds much better. The LP-100 is just pure mud of any and every guitar.
^a agree. the lp-100 is obsolete. it was epi's Middle-low level alternative to the studio and standard.

but now that they dropped the middle-high level epis in price, the lp-100, should be discontinued.

same as the G310. might as well get the g400.

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^Yeah. seconded to the word.

Anyway, if you like the Gio neck, you'll love an RG321mh.
^I'm going to agree with the first two posters and say why? A $300 guitar isn't going to be much of an upgrade over what you have now. Save money and buy something better (look in the ever popular $700-$1000 range).
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