I am wanting to start recording some of my stuff, only problem is there isnt a studio near me and I dont want to buy $1000's worth of recording equipment. Any suggestions?
I use an analog cord, which I plug into my bass. If you dont know what that is, its a cord that has a 1/4 inch plug for your guitar, and a 1/8 inch plug for your microphone jack in ur computer. After that, just download a cheap program, like Mixcraft or something. And when you record, just select microphone in the recording input, and then play your guitar, and it'll sound exactly like ur playing it.
And here we meet the ultimate downfall of self-recording... it's expensive... no matter what.

All I wanted was to record with a microphone into Cubase... thank god I got Cubase SL3 for free, because it's $400 (SX is $600). Keep in mind... ONE... count 'em ONE... microphone. Well, you need a analog-digital converter. Nowadays they are separate boxes, the best ones (as far as price to performance ratios go) are FireWire 400 or 800. You can get USB ones for a couple hundred, usually less. I got a FW400 one, has two mic inputs and two direct 1/4" inputs and 10 1/4" outputs --- cost $400. That's a good price, too.

The upside is that all the recordings are 24 bit --- note that CDs are 16bit. Many programs now do MIDI stuff in 32-bit.

But yeah, accept the truth. It's expensive.

I suggest Googling "AD converters" or "USB interfaces" to get you started. That should send you on your way. If you have any problems in the future, come back here. I've experienced the trials and tribulations of the most basic recording desires, and there are plenty others like me on UG. And... GO!

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I record the same way as LetTheBassPlay, if you plan on adding vox get one with dual 1/4". $12.99 on musiciansfriend.com