What the hell is the difference between normal guitars and baritones? And can a baritone do anything a normal solid boy can do?
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A baritone guitar has a longer scale.. it is designed for lower tunings. Most baritone guitars come tuned in BEADF#B, which is 2.5 steps down from the standard EADGBE. Because of the longer scale, the baritone should have a more clear sound than a standard guitar tuned down this low.

EDIT: longer scale meaning that the length from the nut to the bridge is longer.. and this means slightly wider frets and/or more of them. Also, a baritone usually has a much thicker string gauge to accomodate the lower tuning.
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Baritone guitars are excellent for heavy metal. When your tuning down to drop a and even drop g it is better to have a baritone. On a regular guitar tuning that low would require much thicker strings and the tone would still be pretty mushy sounding so it all comes down to the style of music you play.