So I attempted to repaint an old strat copy someone once gave me. I took hours hand sanding the old finish off, smoothing out the contours (since they were mighty sharp). then I painted it with, of all things, Rustoleum (ok, let's keep the laughing down to a minimum). I used the 'hammered' style look paint, let it dry for a day after applying the final coat (2 coats of base). Then, when I went to put on the lacquer, it worked like the best paint stripper I have ever seen, making the base bubble up.

If any one has any suggestions as to how to redo this (I'm going to sand off the old ruined paint and start all over again) I would really like the advice.

The basecoat is gloss, but not very durable so I want to put on some hard finish lacquer. They were both 'Rustoleum' brand, so I figured they would work together.

Anyway, let me know if you have any suggestions.
Talk about pwned
I've never heard of a lacquer doing that. You sure you didn't grab terpentine by mistake?
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I know right? I was reading all over the labels to see if I had mis-matched products. There doesn't seem to be any discrepancy. But, oh well it's my first try.
hammer finish and clear are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT types of finish. Thats your problem. You cant have both. The hammer finish is too soft for a guitar.

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