What do yall think are some guitar chords that every guitarist should have memorized and play with and switch easily with?
A through G
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What you mean by A through G because that is basically every chord. I was just curious because somone can ask me to play an Asus7 and i'm like oh ok but when they start to get so complexed that i cant even say the name correct i wonder if that is actually a chord that im going to have to get used to playing or not ya know?
every major, minor, dominant 7, major 7, minor 7, and diminished chord is a good place to start, as well as knowing all of them in their moveable barre chord shapes. Then learn some suspensions, such as the sus2 or the sus4. Ninths and add9 chords are also good to know (the difference between them is that a 9 chord includes the dominant 7 voicing, whereas the add9 chord is a major triad voicing with just the 9 added). If you can get that far, then any other chord you come across you can probably figure out.
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If you play punk rock or metal, most likely not. If you become a Jazz player, chords like G#-7b5/D# become standard.

Its not about knowing the chords, its about knowing how to build them. Go look for lessons if you're intersted.
You should at least know:
  • all the open major and minor chords (A, Am, G, C, E, Em, D, Dm)
  • the major/minorbarre chords from both 3 bottom strings (and the names of the notes on the fretboard!)
  • sus2 and sus4 versions of everything mentioned
  • 7th versions of everything mentions (dominant, major and minor 7ths)