im thinking about gettin a single pedal and selling my multi effects board but im not sure what pedal would be best for metal such as trivium, god forbid, lamb of god..stuff like that...i would prefer it be below $100 tho..please help me out
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ds-1 all teh way...
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^God you guys are noobs. Those are both REALLY ****ty pedals.

Try a used Jekyll and Hyde.
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ive never heard of that pedal but ill look into it
john wayne toilet paper-dont take no shit off no indian
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you wont need anything else.
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I use a Boss metal zone.
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he said for around a 100$ dollars, isnt te Jekyl and Hyde like 200?

EDIT: my bad you said used.

Try finding a pedal with a 12ax7 tube in it
^^^That's why he suggested a used one.

Are you playing a SS or a tube amp?

EDIT: Now i see your edit.
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what about these behringer effects pedals.
they only cost about £30 but they are awesome.
i got two,
ultra distortion and blues overdrive.
i use distortion for lead and overdrive for rhythm.
has anyone tried the Keeley MT-2? I see them go cheap on eBay pretty consistently, but I've never tried one. Just curious.
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if you like the seemingly digital sounding gain, you could try a line 6 uber metal, they can give some really nice high gain sounds.
^^ I have a DS1 .... Personally I think it sounds bad through a transistor amp. If you have a nice tube amp, the overdrive should be decent enough anyway.
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the ds-1 is good. but not for lamb of god or god forbid type tones, i dont know why so many people have suggested that and the metal zone, neither are close to that kind of tone.

god forbid uses krank amps, and krank has a new pedal out the "distortus maximus" and it's pretty expensive used but you should be able to snag a used one for 100 bucks.
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"it's too hard man, don't even try"
-jason becker

"get those flabby fingers in shape"
-rusty cooley
Go for the Keely Modded Metal Zone
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Good luck finding a used Jeykll and Hyde (unless MAYBE ebay which gets complicated)

Go proco
Im going to be odering a Keeley soon, I'l see how good it sounds. but I must say it gets great reviews all around, just chech out harmony-central, plus the sound clips on the site sound great compared to a standard MT2.

It even looks cooler, and is pretty cheap. Only $150, or $75 if you supply the Metal Zone for him to mod.

If you can get a MT2 for cheaper than 75$ used the nit could be worth it, but you might as well get a new one. Then again Keeleys mod probably voids the gaurentee right?