Right now I'm planning on writing solos for two different songs, but I'm not sure what scales to use to match up to the chords.

Song 1 (The Bubble) uses the following chords:


Song 2 (Follow or Fall instrumental) uses the following chords: G, D, Am, Em, C

If it would be convenient for you to hear them (such as the ordering of the chords and etc) they're on http://horriblemusic.dmusic.com

Thanks in advance
Let me just say that I hate people who just use scales for solos. Chord tones sound much better and are way more melodic, mang!

Your progressions aren't too strong as they are.

The first one wouldn't fit a direct scale, too many tritones and chromatics. Try using the notes of the chord your playing over to write something out, I bet that could sound extremely cool. Beatles esque.

As for the second one, G Major, or Em pentatonic.
^ You hate me?

Anyways, thanks for the help.
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For the first one, I'd suggest F major, since there are F, Bb and C chords in it. Just watch out over the A chord. Just find out which notes clash and which don't.

Also, try chord tones, but not too much. Good luck and let us hear the result!
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