hey, i just got into recording, and my band would like to record soon. this is what i have:

computer with sony acid studio 5
a 9 channel mixer (crate cmx52, 5 mono, 2 stereo)
2 mics (vocal)
a really cheap edirol usb interface (ua-1x)
guitar and bass amps w/ line outs

basically, id like to know the best way to get a good sound out all of it:
-how to setup the mics (drums)
-EQ-ing, whether or not i should use low cuts, mic or line, etc.
-whether i should use line out on the amps or mic the amps

any help would be appretiated
use both, line in/ mic, do one instrument at a time, with metranome to start off.,, ask me watever else u want, or whatever else u dont understand
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so i mic the amp AND do the line out at the same time?

i know the steps to recording, i just need help tone-wise/setup wise
yeah, does your usb interface have al least 2 inputs?, if so, record one line-in, the other mic the amp. It will make your souns soun dmore natural/ studio-like.
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