hey all!
I just finished my first build, a soilid body electric. take a look at the photos and give me some feedback. I botched the lacquer a bit, but iI have to wait until the weather gets better to finish it again.

photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

Thanks a lot to everyone at UG, i don't post a lot, but there are a lot of knowledgable people here who i got ideas from.
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Nice, I'm not a big fan of the sg body, so I can't say much. But hte horns are uneven and you have some weirrd stuff on the wood around the edges. I'm not sure if that was intentional though. Other hten that, good job.
The horns are intentional, i kinda like them offset how they are, and the stuff aorund the edge is just a lighter part of the wood. Thanks for the compliment!
it all ends in tears anyway....
Interesting...I think it might of looked cooler with the top horn longer, but its your guitar. Also, I think a more orthedox control placement would look better.

Still though, nice job!
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it looks more like the ESP scorpion or whatever it's called
As for hardware:
-Chrome TOM bridge
-Chrome Ping tuners
-Black pearl top soild brass knobs
-Floyd rose locking nut- The neck was originally set up on a FR equipped guitar, and I don't have the files to cut a nut out of bone.
-Seymore Duncan SH-1 59' humbuckers. Matched set
-500k pots
-body is Korina top with Pao Rosa on the back
-The neck was a freebie from one of my buddies, It had been painted about a thousand times, and someone put polyurethane over the rosewood fretboard.

Whole thing cost me about $300 US to build, a lot of the hardware came off of Ebay.

Also, In response to pink's comment- I had orginally planned to have 4 knobs placed much like an SG, but the bevel on the side of the guitar took up wayyy to much room.
thanks for the feedback!
it all ends in tears anyway....
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It almost looks lefthanded. The ESP viper is an offset horned SG style like that. I like it just fine. I bet that Charvel neck will be quick on it, maybe light enought to give it good balance.
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in the second photo it looks like you cut the whole thing crooked, and it also looks like you taped on the knobs and pick guard, i'm not a fan(of most SG's), i'm sure it plays nice.

edit: nevermind that stuff was taped on, my mistake, ahaha, the final product looks sweet.
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the body was cut off of a left handed template, that's what i get for buying off of Ebay at 4 am, i love the neck it's nice and slick, and it just feels great to play.
it all ends in tears anyway....