your smiles are just a distraction
for when you frown
just a small part of your real personality
what you show people everyday,
is not the you that you want people to see
is not the you that you want to be

you try to hide the scars
that you create with taht razor blade
everyones seen them already,
whats to hide?
we all know that you hurt your self to make yourself
feel better about your self
and feel better about whats going on around you

on the surface you appear to be perfect
youve got the looks, your beautiful
but inside that ugly soul that youve got locked up inside
and behind those eyes
lie astranged feelings, balled up inside

when the feelings want to come out
the blade, seems to be your only way
you see your troubles come and go
in each little red dropplet of blood

then hidious scars are left behind
is it worth it in the end?
does it make you feel better?
does it make everything better?
does it take the pain away from where it really hurts?

usually dont write songs on this subject, emo

as a matter of fact, this is my first
( just thought id add a little cleché to this thread, )

but seriously, if it sucks tell me, dont just be all "that is good" like most of you do just to get someone to crit yours

crit for crit by the way
"we all know that you hurt your self to make yourself
feel better about your self"
thats a small tounge twister if you ask me....i wont say i disliked it...and i wont say it was breathtaking...more of in the middle of okay..i know someone who did that crap, its never good...but...in the end..i thought it was alright...maybe make a better title...although, i am intrigued by your avatar
I guess you gotta write about politics to not be emo