I am a major noob.
I want to record so I was thinking about getting the Line 6 tone port ux2 interface,mxl990 mic, and the shure 57 mic.
I have been reading on here that you can get software for making your own drums.
I am trying to make a demo of just my self playing all the instruments but I am not a drummer so I was wondering if I could get this


I was wondering if i could create my own drums and mix it with my guitar and bass tracks?
If so how would i do this?
I was thinking if I could record my bass and guitar using the ux2 then attatch the Boss to the computer through the usb and mix it on the computer.
What do you guys think?
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sounds good to me. It can done, but are u willing to spend 500$ on a drum machine? Maybe u can find some beats online
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Do you know what program I can use for guitar,bass, and a drum machine.
I need it to be super easy cause I am a major major noob.
But I have to be able to play my drum machine over my tracks.
^ you can import audio clips/tracks into fruity loops and use it to make drum beats. its not exactly the easiest program in the world, but its not too difficult once you get the hang of it. i had a kinda walkthrough somewhere on here on how to import your audio tracks into FL, if you are interested i can find it. i mean, you still have to do the whole drum beat part, but this should help you get started with getting audio in. the demo is free, and since the only thing you cant do is save, it may be worth your time to download and mess around with.

ill try to find a link to my little walkthrough thingy.

EDIT: found the link: click here if interested
in case anyone hadnt noticed, i like using Fruity Loops
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