cool. this is in desperate need of some rhythm. i liked the first part the best. you might think about adding some contrast. i liked towards the beginning where it cut to just one piano part. no real ending. didn't really like the two parts at the end with the same rhythm. you just have part after part with repeats and no transitions. you might think about the flow of the piece, where you want it to go, what ideas you want to come back, etc. check out my stuff, you just might like it. here's a piano one: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...ad.php?t=310261
i was thinking the first section would sound less repetative with vocals, but i don't know how great vocals would sound with the rest of it. there are areas that just don't sound that good. the might take off some of that "let ring" for the piano parts. nice work.
Yeah I didn't take very long to put together this one. I usually spend more time to put together a piece, but I see what you mean by the flow thing and the let ring on the piano now that listen to it again. Thanks for the crit, and if you don't mind check out The Creature, the link is in the sig. It is really my latest full piece. It will be good to have someone who has put together some good pieces crit your stuff, not the ones who just say "that was awesome".
That was awesome!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist... But all in all it's good for what there is; but as I was listening to it, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't imagine a rose. In my view, a rose is this delicate little (if you could see my hands now, I would be emphasizing this next word...) thing that has captured the hearts of countless generations from the knights of King Arthur's court to a romantic stroll through Central Park. Ageless and invincible, passionate and caring... I just didn't get any of that from your piece... but I always try to paint a picture with my music ...I can't stress the word try enough (but this isn't about me!)!

So the short is that it's a good piece (even though I'm used to your work just blowing me away), but it just didn't deliver on that "next level"...
I really liked it, but something I've noticed is you repeat parts far more than they need to be repeated. I've listened to all your songs (War Is Calling is quite possibly my favorite powertab I've ever seen) and you do it in almost everyone. I think repeated something once or twice would be cool, but four seems a little overborad

great job, keep making more!

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that was pretty cool, some of the transitions between parts seemed a little sudden and could maybe be smoothed out but other than that it all sounded good