I love playing bass with a pick, but my .96mm picks don't give me that "heavy" sound. Before you ask, yes, I play with fingers too, but certain songs just sound better with a pick.

What's the thickest pick you can possibly get? The best brand for bass picks? The pick gauge that most metal bands use? I'm curious.

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I hear that those large triangular picks work wonders on basses, but I've never tried one, so I can't comment.
probably the thickest i can think of is a 3 mm pick... i know dunlop sells some...
I use 1.0 mm tortexs. I also like wedgie rubber picks, they have a heavier sound than normal. You shouldn't have to defend yourself about using picks, that's just stupid. If you want to use a pick use one, who cares if you play with your fingers or not.

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I thought it said Pick-UP recommendations. I have Jim Dunlop 1.00mm Nylon picks. They're good but I don't use picks that often.
if you want a beefier tone when pick playing tho, then play nearer the neck. it should work out to give you better low end.
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I thought it said Pick-UP recommendations. I have Jim Dunlop 1.00mm Nylon picks. They're good but I don't use picks that often.

My weapon of choice. I found them to be the best for both speed and flex. Everything else at that thickness seems to be too hard.
Thanks. Next time I'm out buying music stuff I'll check out 1.0mm nylon dunlop ones. I've tried those beefy triangular ones, I don't like them that much.

I want to try a 1.9mm or above bass pick.. my friend has a 1.9mm dunlop pick, it makes an awesome "thunk" sound. Wonder what a 3.0mm would be like..
Big stubbys - they have a very good shape which gives you very good grip and strong sound. They can really help you PLAY when it comes to fast songs ..

Try the 2mm and 3mm ones, see which one feels best. there are also 1mm ones but i feel that when it comes to playing bass, 2mm and above is best.
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Go to a local shop and ask for some felt picks... you get the punch of a pick without the constant click.
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i used to use sharp purple ones (1. something mm) but now i tend to use normal 1mm on the rare occassion i use picks, i should really get a felt or rubber one or something, i hate that 'snap'
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Dunlop Purple or Blue, or last week i tried a mates 2mm ones and they were great. probably prefer them actually..
I don't usually like the sound of a bass played with a pick. When I do use one I go for 3mm - anything else just isn't thick enough to get a firm sound with plenty of low end.

I love playing guitar with 3mm picks. Great for solos, IMO.
The only pics i can use for bass are Dunlop 3mm big stubbies.

You can get such great tones with them from really mellow to really twangy. Produce a fair bit of click though but most decent amps have compression built in which will cut this right down.
OK then im weird as i only use a .88 mil tortex triangle but i find them so easy to play with especially speed wise but then again i think im on my own on this one
I love dunlop purples and this .5 or so metal triangular pick I have. I know they're polar opposites, but I love both of them. the dunlop is nice and chunky and has a good control to it while the metal one just has an awesome attack to it, plus, I like the feel of metal on my fingers. just whatever floats your boat really.
My bass teacher gets 1 mm Planet Waves picks with the kind of Tortex grip. I just picked up some Dunlop Tortex 1.14's (the purple ones). I think I should have gotten the 1mm. The 1.14s are a bit thick.

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am i the only person thats avidly loved playing with a tortex .6?

btw, i've used everything from .6 to 1.5mm, and i really have no preference. a plec is a plec to me
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