The Rose

Do you remember that night?
When you took my hand
That first dance we had
When you gazed upon me
I remember the night
When the heavens smiled
And the stars shone so bright

Yes I remember how it felt that night
When your lips graced mine
When you handed me that rose
O that was a night divine
I remember that rose
Its beauty so dark and pure
Sometimes I still awaken
To its sweet, sweet scent

Your beauty so pure, you are beauty so dark
I often reminisce
Romance of the soul, of the heart
From just one rose, one kiss
Your touch so soft, so kind
My love so full, yet so blind

The scent of beauty, touch of purity
This rose so treacherous, so lovely
This is that rose so dark, yet so true
You are my pain
You are my joy
You are my rose