Hey, heres another one for y'all

All I needs my 6-string and a bottle or two
And I'm invincible for the night
Pick up my suitcase, reach for a cigarette,
now wheres my ****in' light?

The women are hot and the liquor flows freely
When I'm living the Rock N' Roll lifestyle
Every second of it is mine and great
It's more then enough to make you smile

The teachers used to tell me
that I ain't going nowhere fast
Sure my english ain't great and same with my maths
but when I'm playing the songs it's all in the past

My education doesn't mean anything
Living the Rock n' Roll lifestyle
I'ts hard work and a long way to go
But when we do it together its all worth it's while

The last thing the old man said to me
Right before he died
He said 'Get a real job son'
But my hands were already tied

I'm a slave to my music
While I'm living the Rock N' Roll lifestyle
Theres nothing I'd rather be doing more
Even if the industry's hostile

If you wanna rock then you gotta be
better then the best
But it's a hell of a long way to the top
with no time to stop or rest

You gotta be good at what you do
To live the Rock N' Roll lifestyle
Its a slow long road, and its not easy
So come on, show us your style
Im not really sure about this... the rhyming fits in some places but doesnt fit in others, & it doesnt have a whole lot of depth... but i do like the theme you got goin on here...
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Throw in some Spinal Tap guitar and you've got yerself a gem!
You know the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
You're the BLESSED, we're the Spiders from Mars!

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