hello all, Ive been working on a song with some neat harmonizeing in it, my pedal isnt worth a crud with harmonizeing. But i found a tab that shows you how to multitrack the song and get the same effect as a harmonizer..It involved me playing the song the original way, Then laying another track over it..playing the same exact thing..on perfect timing over the original one..but this one was kind of off key..and moved down a couple of frets..and it came out awesome..like some of that megadeath harmonized bits in there songs..So my question if..if i want to make my own harmonized bits, How can i figure out where to play the other layer (not the original) track on the guitar..Because the one i did seemed to be a little off key from the original..so what do i do exactly to figure out where to play it?..if you understand that..thanks

heres a clip of the one i was working on..the first song


if you're harmonizing in thirds for example, you have to switch between minor and major thirds depending on what note of the scale playing. You can figure it out by taking your melody, and moving each note in the melody 2 notes up in the same scale.