Ok ive been having some troubles with painting my guitar. Its a 97 squire pro tone, my first guitar. I decided to paint it cause it was the ugliest colour ive ever seen...other than the crappy colour its actually a decent guitar, its made out of ash, with a maple neck. the only other thing that needed to be replaced was the pickups, which i did, but back to the paint job, i sanded it down the lacquer finish underneath the paint or whatever it is, its a thick clear coat. Ive painted it twice so far, and every time its come out like crap, mostly cause i rushed and i didnt know what the heck i was doing....Ive been reading up on the internet, some ppl say you can use spray paint. What should i use as the primer, and how long should it take to dry? I used a car spray paint, it was a metallic blue, but is that the right stuff?, can you use car spray paint and car spray lacquer from the can and get a good finish, or should i use professional car paint that you have to mix? I was reading up on that, they say first you should primer, then put a silver metallic finish on, then a candy colour, like a clear blue, red or whatever i may choose to use.....anyways i want to know whats the best way to go about it.....if i can use car spray paint, what brand should i use?, or should i just do a prefessional spray job?....I need help!!!!!!!
If you spray it, varnish it after, or you're in deep doodoo.
You know the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
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As a rule of thumb it's best to stick with the same type of paint all the way through finishing. Decent results can be achieved with car spray paint, the one brand uslually carries a primer, colour coats and a clear, the drying time will usually be on the can.

You only need a candy colour coat if your doing a candy finish.

And ffs use paragraphs next time.
if you wanna spray then i know that here in england you can use cuplicolor, as i faras i know, its pretty cheap (i get my mechanic uncle to order it in for me) and it woks well and gives a nice finish, slashnmash uses it, so look at his herbiecaster or his aRGzilla (pronounced arrghzilla lol) for its results.