This weekend me and my friends are going to jam and well long story cut short, we dont have a bass so i was wondering if there was any moderately easy modifications you could make to an eletric guitar to make it sound like a bass ie. tune it down ???
nah,guitars sound to high...
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try a pitch shifter
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Oh yea, this idea also popped up to me before, how about an Octaver pedal? That shifts your note 1 to 2 octaves down and there, 6 string bass!

However, it won't sound full and doesn't have the bass-ness
well..... we can get a bass in like 2 weeks so going out and buying some pedal wouldnt be worth it really.
turn the bass on the EQ all the way up, treble down? tone at 0? neck pickups.
thats as close as you'll get.
It's just impossible, forget it.
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Even if you had the octaver pedal, the bass frequencies wouldnt be very good at all on a guitar amp. Just get a bass, and a bass amp
Or just play the bass lines on the guitar for that one week, won't kill you.
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