Basically, i want a very basic recording set up (as basic as possible), just so i can get some sound clips up of some gear and a few song ideas etc - nothing flashy, and i don't need anything professional quality

So, i know i need a microphone of some description as my amp doesn't have a line out...what else do i need, can i just plug it straight into my laptop?
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Well yeah, you need a mic. Everyone loves the Shure SM57. Its not the best in sound quality for certain thing but its damn rugged and works on prettymuch anything (espescially loud guitar amps).

Other than that you could get a firewire/USB audio interface with an XLR port you could plug the mic directly into (cost quiet a bit but they usually come with some basic software and they usually give much better sound quality). Or if your laptop has a line-in port its probably better to get a mixer to plug the mic into as the builtin mic preamps in computers are pretty poor (and with a mixer you could always add another mic later for other things...of course you can get audio interface with many inputs but they are quiet a bit more than the regular 1/2 channel ones)
Ok, at first glance the SM57 looked like it was gonna be £70 just about everywhere, but a quick froogle later and i found it for £40...So that's a start.

My laptop doesn't have a line in (i don't think) there's a port with a picture of a mic next to it - could i use that?

There are many free USB ports so some sort of interface may be the way forward...

EDIT: Are these any good - and how would they connect to my laptop (if they could at all)


haha it's funny 'cause i know nothing about these things
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Those are mixers, you'd still have to have a line in port on the computer to use them.

well here is a selection of USB audio interfaces: http://www.turnkey.co.uk/web/searchAction.do;jsessionid=993F0AA25028527EA473BCBC48D296C5?dispatch=fullSearch&subCategory=Audio_Interfaces_(USB)

something like this would probably work fine: http://www.turnkey.co.uk/web/productAction.do?dispatch=showProduct&SKU=MMAN-FASTRACK&context=WEB&make=M-Audio&model=Fast%20Track%20USB
(you could also use it to plug your guitar in direct but with the mic you get the actual sound of the amp...I never liked most digital things, as well as you'd be able to record other things)
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