hay i just started learning how to play funk... Im moving on from learning rock to funk so i can incorporate both those into my own style.
But now, when im playing funk chords (major 5th, minor 5th... 9th chords... just all those funk chords) and trying to jam to a drum beat, i cant really get my rythym to mould into the beat nicely... It just sounds like im playing wacky sounds that dont sound right lol... Well, to put it better, my creative juices arnt flowing like they should be. I hear the beat, and then nothing comes to my head, i just end up playing random chords to see if they fit, but they usually dont.
So i was wondering what a good approach is to jamming with a drummer with the funky guitar style, this is also without a bass player...
bass seems esential in funk, that's why bass solos almost always sounfd 'funky', because it is bass-heavy, like funk music.

anyways, yeah, get a bassist, and someone else here will give better advice, I'm sure.
Try this lesson, its great for getting some of the patterns down. Also, try to keep it simple, stick to 2 chords at a time. Listen to funk music to understand how guitarists, bassists and drummers play together in funk music.
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well if it comes with pick, I say get it!
It sounds like you may need to work on your timing. Start with the basics: play along with the metronome at different tempos using quarter notes. Make sure you are able to lock in perfectly for extended periods of time. Then play 8th notes. Next, play 8th notes as all downstrokes. Once you are comfortable, move on to 16th notes.

Once you have these all down, you can start playing more syncopated rhythms. Practice playing only one of each of the 16th note per beat. When this is comfortable you can start mixing and matching.
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Play high upon the neck, using 16th notes. Also don't play chords in a non-continuous way by muting them in between.

Also, this is a pattern much used in funk (you can use any chord for this.. I chose this because it's easy to tab)

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i use a few double stops when i rarely play funk, i always wait for groove to be laid down by the drums and bass then i just play how i think it should go for that particular piece, John frusciante is a pretty gd source on idea on how to play funk, a set rythm with a couple of licks here and there
nice as.. yeah it does seem now to me that i need to work on rythym. Especially playing 16th notes coz they are hell fast compared to the rythyms i would play normally. I think i need to work on my picking hand consistancy because when i do try play 16th notes, you definatly wouldnt call it good... its all over the place!
Thanks for all the info!

16th notes are a staple of funk. Very necessary. Just take it slow with 16ths and work on syncopating the rhythm. It's actually fairly simple as long as you start slow.
John Frusciante and Tom Morello are two good modern guitarists to listen to for funk. Use a lot of octave jumps (think "Bombtrack" or "Purple Haze"), and loosen your wrist waaaaaaay up for those funky mute-rythms.