ive been writing little bits and pieces for the last few months, but i'm no too confident if any of it sounds good, so please be gentle

Made for each other

I see them at the same time,
i see what they've got,
but through my jealous eyes,
i see its not alot
Their actions without thoughts,
mean their made for eachother,
their only thing in common,
is someone else's lover

What goes around come around,
and with a smile on my face,
ill wait until someone puts you both in your place.
beacuse then the boot will be on the other foot,
Your the pair I most despise,
Its nice to see you've finaly been caught out by your lies

And no one wants to listen,
beacuse there's only one person to blame,
do i need to give you a clue to that name?
It may begin with N, it may begin with D
But no ones gonna give you ay sympathy,
so close your eyes, and think back far,
and tell that your proud of who you are

But your still have one another,
your own silver medals
i thought it was pretty kool i wasnt to crazy bot the last paragraph but good could you crit my piece the reaper and me thanks i realy appricaiate it peace dude