What do you guys think bout the skinny jeans fashion..

I listen to a bit of emo but not like, exclusively and im not totally into the scene in a mad way..

But seriously, them skinny skinny jeans are just plain horrible! Its even worse when guys with twig legs wear them. Sometimes i wonder how the hell they get them jeans on in the first place???

By the way, im not trying to start some flame war on emo clothing just wanna know what others think bout the emo fashion scene!
Twig legs?

Would you prefer fat asses to wear them?

Plus, why do you care what other people wear.
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i look so buff in my 'drainpipes' its untrue

there's no such thing as 'emo clothing', you can't dress like a genre of music
I dont care what other people wear, thats why i dont follow the crowd into wearing clothes that a "scene" says is cool...

I just wondered what other people who are into the music thoughts were on the emo fashion these days..
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there's no such thing as 'emo clothing', you can't dress like a genre of music

And yet when your on the train going to a concert its pretty easy to tell which people are going to the emo concert that night or the metal concert or indie concert or hip-hop concert..

You can't dress like a genre but you can dress to fit in with other people from the genre..
I like my jeans not incrediably tight, but I feel like a bag-woman if I wear huge clothes, mine are nice.
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Green day have to be one of the biggest emo bands in the world (and I still love them). Which do you lot think is there most emo song 'coz me and my friend can't decide lol

im kidding

i like my jeans normal, not too tight...not too baggy. just right
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I like to wear tight t-shirts to show off my rock hard nipples.

Yeah, Youth Extra Extra Small is the only way to go.

But yeah jeans, not baggy.

Eugh, baggy jeans make me sick.