hope some one can help!

im looking for a song to learn i want something with a simple strum pattern, chords are not so much of an issue im quite good with that just wanted something to practice my strumming and maybe some picking parts but i wanted something where i will recognise what im playing if that makes sense???? because i download tabs learn to play them but with out the bass and drums etc you cant really tell what it is i hope everyone's following me?????

anyway i mostly listen to stuff like the killers, the kooks, stone roses, panic and the disco, dashboard confessional, all american rejects that kinda emo stuff please dont flame i know its a bad thing but hey you like what you like!
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There could be several reasons why you can't make out what you're playing; you could be playing it wrong, or if playing with the tape/CD, your guitar may not be tuned with the song itself. Also, keep in mind that tabs aren't always 100% accurate. I'm not into the same type of music as you, but try "Every Rose Has it's Thorn" by Poison. That's a pretty easy song to start off with.
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Some of the newer music uses drop D and other odd tunings. That could be a reason the tabs not working out.
Used to love her by GnR is an easy one. And popular
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