how do i use a metronome? Cause I saw the shredding thread and i checked out the metronome online sight. How how do i know what the right time of ticking i should use? or what do i do?

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start at a tempo you feel comfortable at, then slowly speed up once its all tight and perfect at that speed, just practise little licks and phrases
practice very SLOW
say at like 130 scales
major, minor, scale patterns
chromatic patterns
use all four fingers
finger tapping slowly with emphasis on holding down ur fourht finger and tapping ur pinky
the main thing is control. some ppl can go incredibly fast but they miss notes, they dont fret the note properly or worse, their muting is horrible and other notes ring out
dont fall into that trap.
also, ur hand WILL hurt. its called ur threshold, thats ur limit, try to up it by upping the tempo when u can. dont rush it takes years, good luck