i dont know if any of you guys have heard of this new band called wolfmother from australia...they really kick ass...they only consists of three members and have the sound of a mix between zeppelin and sabbath..they truly are awesome..i suggest ya'll buy their album out in stores now..they rock..andrew stockdale..lead singer AND lead guitarist..sort of a jimi hendrix type of thing...they are awesome...what are you guys' thoughts on them?
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Dude they're not that new and as an Australian it makes sad to think that they're one of our top rock bands. I don't think that they're really unique because they sound exactly the same as their influences with out the awesome solos.
And by the way if you've heard their song called Woman compare it Roadhouse Blues by the Doors and see if you can spot any differences (I sure couldn't)
There probably the most boring modern band ive seen.
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They are awful. I heard about them about 3 months ago (before they hit it big over here) and I hated it. They just steal Zep and Sabbath Riffs and melodys, with non too great vocals and lyrics over the top. That song thats on the radio over here (is it white unicorn) is just a stereotypical zeppelin riff (and one of their weaker ones at that) with a bit of war pigs thrown in. Horrible. Theyre a good cover band nothing more.
And classic rock cant be reborn thats why its 'classic'... In 20 years maybe some of the bands out to day will be considered 'classic' but i cant see many falling under that label.
dude, they can't be as good as for instance led zeppelin, so if u want to hear classic rock listen to Zep
The classic rock period is over. It has been for a long time. Bands like that only have the influence and sound(though I hate using those terms) of classic rock, and are still considered modern rock. To reiterate my point: They are not classic rock, and thus do not belong here.
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