I own an Ibanez RG570 and I'm having problems with the Floyd.

The damn thing just doesn't stay paralel to the body!

How it is:

How it should be (I think):

I've been setting more spring tension on the back but after a while the Floyd goes back to the "unparalel position".

This is how I have the springs:

Even tried (shown on the picture above) a diferent spring arrangement but with no better results.

I use Dean Markley BlueSteel 2552 strings tune to E (normal tuning).

How can I sort the Floyd or do I have the wrong idea of how it should be?
I think if you remove one of the springs.. there's more tension.. I can't remember. Oohh I'm unhelpful.
My name is Marc! Silly username.
no i think you actually have it right, there should be a flat panel on the left and right hand sides of the trem, they should be flush to the body, or you can just do as thought the saddles should be flat and not at an angle, erm hold on ill just quickly take a pic of mine.....
Picture 28.jpg
But his isn't like that. His is angled. Strings are too tense. You could always live with it y'know. It's pretty close..
My name is Marc! Silly username.
yea his is a bit too tense so he would need to reduce the tension in the springs by turning anti clockwise on the screws in the back
Try puling on te strings, and doing huge ass bends at teh 12th fret to stretch out the strings. Then tune up again, and try it.
If it wasn't like that before, then you probably jsut need to stretch otu the strings.
hmmm_de_hum, your picture isnt the best. Can't see what you're saying

This strings are new and they are 2552 from Dean Markley. Tried everything from harmonic squeels like Dimebag used to do to full pulls on a wacky solo.

You guys saying that I have to loose the bolts on the strings? That way is going to untension the springs and the floyd is going even more towards the pickup. I think it should be the other way around. No?
yea sorry about the pic i have a crappy webcam, in a sense the trem has to be straight on the guitar, it shouldnt be angled either way, if its dipping towards the pickups u need more tension so you tighten the screws at the back, if its dipping back into the body then tension needs to be let off by undoing the screws........
Maybe yo ushould add a spring in the back and put some more tension on it.
When I bought the guitar (brand new) the screws were not that screwed. I've been screwing them since then. Nothing is warped so the only thing I can think of is that the std springs are crap (or mine have some kind of problem).

I'm a floyd abuser (lol) so the damn thing is not up to my demands lol
mine is never flat but i have a ZR trem so i dnt think tht its suppose to be, i could be wrong and have ****ed my guitar up though!
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