What pickup would you recommend-i playing Ibanez s270 with a floyd rose-mahogany body with bolt on wizard neck. The clean tone is crap and i need more sustain due to the bolt on neck..
EMG 81
Seymour Duncan Dimebucker
Seymour Duncan JB4
Something by Dimarzio, not too familiar with their pickups though
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Get the SD JB4 it is amazing. Great cleans and good distortion. It has a alot of treble which i like. other than that get the EMG 81
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yes the emg is active. and just so you know, a new pickup wont add too much sustain. and a bolt on neck really doesnt take from sustain.
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I think it will add sustain for the s270 because it has a mahogany body..ive got a big muff as well so i should be sorted..gracias
The Dimebucker is a piece of crap. It's really horrible. If you want a Dime tone, look at Bill Lawrences.
ill get the sd jb4-its got a good clean tone and good sustain (from the seymour duncan website) if its been around for 30 years it must be good (and its cheap)
^I have a JB, it's clean tone is, well... horrible. Far too high output. Try something like a Jazz.