i am just about to restring my guitar again (jackson DKMGT - has a tunomatic bridge/no floyd rose) and i bought myslef some gauge 10 D'addario XLs (because i detune to dropped C) and last time i restrung i changed my gauge 9s to 10s and encountered a few problems with my strings going out of tune more often than they should - sometimes whilst playing a song which pissed me off to no end!

so i figured that this time - i should ask some people with more experience on this than myself. i am pretty sure i need to adjust the tension of my strings because these strings are a thicker gauge than my guitar was stock fitted with. i know how to do it but im not sure if i should do it until i know that this is the problem with the tuning.

it was usually just the D and G strings (middle 2) going outta tune.

how much should i adjust the tension?/ should i tighten it or loosen it?
last time i did yes but i may well have need to stretch them out a bit more or for longer, i'll try it this time around.
it takes a wee while for the strings to 'break in'.....keep tuning them to pitch and eventually after a day or so they will stay in tune........if this doesnt work, then its a problem with the tuners on the guitar