I'm bitterly dissapointed. I mean, Anthem and B is for B-Sides was definitely suggesting a less ska orientated sound, but it's not that factor that bothers me. They claimed half of their new album would be "two tone ska-era influenced". Which is total baws. Their pop-punk material lacks any invention and nothing other than Overrated, Let her go and P.S Shock the world really jumps out at me. Also, does anyone else think "Landmines and Landslides" sounds like a mix of Blink 182 - First Date and general Fall Out Boy songs. Hrm...it's not a BAD album, but it's terrible for their high standards. Still, at least they're awesome live.

Anyone bought it? Comments? Opinions?
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I got it today, and I personally thought it was a great album and I really like it.
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they stole the name from an old queers song.
I haven't really liked a Less Than Jake album since Hello Rockview.

I may download a song or two but maybe not.
I really liked Anthem in the way that it didn't bother me that there were less horns, but the few tracks I've heard of this so far aren't jumping out at me. I have it on my computer though and I intend to give it a proper listen soon...
Didn't realise it was out already.
Anyone managed to spot Bob Nanna on the cover?
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I was gonna make this same thread

I got it 3 days ago and thought it was the worst sack of **** possible. But the more I listen to it... the more I like it. Its really different from their usual style though.... (By my favorite album by them is Anthem so yes, I do like their pop-punk style as well as their ska style. I own all the albums as well)

They really should have included Negative Sides to Optomistic Eyes and We, The Uninspired (The 2 Bsides from Absolution for Idiots and Addicts) Those 2 songs would have been 2 of the best songs on the album....

IM me at keystone1337 if you want me to hook you up with those 2 Bsides
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