ive been looking at amps for a while now and i was originally looking at mg's then i looked atwhat people said on here and thought, well, maybe not. so anyway, now im looking for a tube amp for around the same price as the mg100dfx which is just as loud, maybe louder. so for people in UK, thats around £250. i think it would be cool to have like a half stack or something, but a combo is also fine. So any suggestoins are very welcome

Marshall DSL401 for 400 quid I believe
or a Laney LC30 for 350 (but to the reports of the people on here, the EQ limits you from doing anything heavier)

you can get the Laney LC15 for 200 but I don't think that'd be loud enough for what you want, its a good amp as far as practicing and basic studio work goes (stock speaker isn't the best though)

or you can go used
I also heard that at the same wattage, a tube amp will be louder than a solid state. is this true? and if so how much louder, extra 10W, 20W?
so anyone out there got any £200 - £300 half stack/ combo amps (dont know which is better valve or SS but probably valve since i play chilis, darkness, dirty pretty things nd GnR (wide range i know)) which will work well with practicing and gigging?
A used Marshall DSL401 if you can find one that price, if you can't, it'd probably best to save up.
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i know, just realised its hybrid, i dug out my marshall brochure and looked em up. So still lookin for ideas on tube amps 60W or more £200-£300
i know this is a double post, but this is a different question, if you use a booster pedal with a tube amp it makes it go to distortion right? but could you also put a ds-1 infront of it and stil get the same sound from the ds-1?

and what minimum tube wattage would you recomend for gigging?
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