Im using riffworks and the guitarport that comes with it....everything is good except when i record vocals the output on the meter is only about 1/2 out of 10. ive tried replacing the mike and lead (im using now a brand new SM58) and its still the same. i have the same problem when recording vocals through the guitarport with programs such as cubase or ableton. i thought maybe the guitarport isnt meant for vocals (hence the name GUITARport) but on the demo song on the software there are vocals. any ideas?
I've used my Guitar Port for vocals. I use the tube preamp model and get normal volumes. It's definately not the ideal solution for vocals, but it works. I use it that way when I'm travelling. I carry my laptop, GP, guitar and mic so I can lay down ideas.
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hmmm... maybe i should send mine back, there could be a fault.