i just bought a 2000 epiphone les paul custom and i absolutely love.. i haven't gigged with it yet... only problem is the weight... its seriously heavy but all in all i love it. anyways, i'm not sure its just my les paul but my pickup near the butt of the guitar is stickin out more than the pickup near the neck... i tried to lower it with a screw driver but it was not gettin any lower but i am able to raise it... anyways, is this a problem??
the pickups are set up to be close to the strings, they are meant to be like that. the closer they are to the strings, the heavier you will sound really. Here's a rough guide to settin pickup height:

hold down the low E at the highest fret (21st, 22nd, 24th, whateverth) and raise the pickup until its about 2mm away from the fretted string. do the same with the high E and you're set to go.
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