hey im thinking of getting this pedal its like 130 and its got distortion and overdrive you can you seperatley or combine together. this is the pedal that the strokes use... any one have any opinions on this pedal? thanks
i heard of this , its suposed to be good but i dont know anything about it - 2 ppl want info , please give
Yeah, its built like a good pedalboard, overdrive, then distortion. So you can turn either or on, and use both at once for a super metal boost.

I use a Boss OD-3 and a DS-1, in that order, and I can get some pretty cool metaltastic tones out of it, and remember, Boss is like... the thrift shop of pedals, it works, and its cheap, but its not the greatest, and lots of posers use it... erm...

I hear this UBER pedal is a hell of alot better as an overdrive/distortion, so.. I hereby judge, its good.
I've played with the J&H and it's pretty sweet imho. It's like 2 pedals in one, both give different tones, both have good and bad setting depending on your amp and such but I had no problem getting my friends pedal to give me excellent blues overdrive, great hard rock tone, and solid metal distorsion.

It's on my Christmas list.
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