It's Wilsty. Just wondering what seven-string guitars you guys think are good. I'm looking into one. I don't care about the price I'm just asking for some oppinions.
Depends if you want a trem. I've tried the ESP/LTD SRC 603B, and it was a really nice playing guitar, very nice quality and craftsmenship. I own a C-7 Hellraiser, and again, another great guitar, plays like a dream. IMO and the owner of the SRC, it plays even better than the SRC.

If I needed a trem, I would probably go with the Ibanez 1527 or a Carvin DC-727 or 747.
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I agree with the C-7 Hellraiser. Briefly played it, but it was quite nice.
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My acquaintance (he's not really my friend, per se), has a C-7 and I've heard marvelous things from him... Ibanez has a nice one too that I played at same ash (the RG, not the k7)
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What about john petrucci 7-string models anyone know how they play?
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What about john petrucci 7-string models anyone know how they play?

i got kicked out of the store last time i played one thru an uberschall... it was for splooging in public.
My friend has the John Petrucci 7 string and it's beautiful both sound and look-wise. It doesn't make much sense though if you aren't a fan of Dream Theater and more importantly John Petrucci. He also got the extra piezo pickup added so his guitar can sound like an acoustic (great for playing a change of seasons). Check it out: http://www.ernieball.com/mmonline/specs/instruments_jp7.html
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