hey im buying a amp today so i need to lknow wich of the to is better for rock, blues kinda music i have sg standard
id strongly recommend the fender blues jr. its only 15w but its loud as hell and it might just be the perfect amp for you............dont buy an amp without trying this baby cranked!!!!
^They're all amazingly good amps.

What sounds do you want?

And.... if you're buying one today, try them both out at the shop, don't just buy blindly, although they are great amps.
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no i dont want a junior im gonna be going to gigs an d i need more power so between those too amps what would you piock
but remember it IS loud as hell.........and if youre playin a bigger venue you could mic it up to a p.a........its just an idea...........
^They are amazingly great amps, I've got one, but he's looking for something with more power.

What sounds are you looking for?
The differences are... The Blues has a slightly better clean channel, but with the lack of the extra boost thingy on the 2nd channel (people say it as a 3rd channel on the Hot Rod< but meh) But the overdrive on the Hot Rod's aren't great anyway.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Ive heard that, but i suggest trying them out for yourself if possible. Ive read some harmony central reviews that say the OD is horrible then others that say that it is perfect for rock and other stuff(and some of those people are very experienced and have owned marshalls ect.) Its all about taste. The blues has a sweet tone (I tried one out) There is very mild gain on the drive channel when its not cranked. But if you use an OD pedal, then your sorted! I like the look of the tweed better

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the clean on either if them is gonna be like a 57 bassman.......so just pick if u want the extra gain channel.......although like RHCP said, the clean is more sparkly on the blues i have noticed but never the less, 57 bassman ish
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Having tried both (I worked in a guitar shop until about 2 weeks ago) I'd strongly reccomend the blues deluxe with a decent overdrive pedal. The hotrod's overdrive channel sounds sharp and harsh, almost like a solid state amp in some ways, and the blues' clean channel is fantastic (not to mention that it takes pedals much better)

Good luck mate

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