Never posted before will crit for crit ,and all opinions are welcome

Rain draining down
Through the opulent eye
That craved new adventure
And looked to the sky

Washed away colour
From blue to a grey
Head tilted back
There it would stay....

Till thoughts twisting tides
Swirled through the thick mind
And Washed away logic,
So no reason could find

To end the indifferance
For obstinate time
To Reel In the years
Before its decline

Oblique was the sun
As it fell from the sky
Past the horizon
And the unopulent eye
i thought it was ok but i didnt really like the 4 verse that much but i really like the 2nd one

could you crit my piece the reaper and me thanks peace
i liked it i thought it had feeling and thought put into it nice work keep it up
"I will not rest untill the noise has stopped"-Vishus