This is a short instrumental i recorded. I came up with the chords and I really liked the way they sounded, so I decided to add some lead over it. It has some harmonized leads and I think the main solo fits well. It's called "The Phone Call." http://j0nnybrav0.dmusic.com Tell me what you think.
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I like how you added an "actual" phonecall to the intro; it adds to the mood of the song. The chords are very nice sounding and the harmonized parts are very well chosen and fit nicely.

The solo however: it starts out very controlled and is something I would expect to hear over such chords. But why the fast part right after that? It sounds quite sloppy/uncontrolled from time to time and is very out of place in this very nice sounding tune of yours.

If you really want to add a fast part to your solo ( which I wouldn't do here) make sure that it's controlled, nicely phrased, and not too long

However, like I said, it's a very nice sounding short piece of music ( especially the first half) which really captures a certain mood. You seem to have a pretty good ear for melody, so keep using it, and keep working on your phrasing mostly

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thanks for the comments. the phone conversation was a happy accident actually. i knew i wanted some voices in there at the beginning, so i turned on my tv and recorded the first soap opera i could find. its wierd how well it fit, even the length and timing of it.

anyways, i added in the faster part because i didnt want just a slow solo because i find that boring personally. so i just went for it and threw in whatever i could do in a single take. i probably could have wrote out and planned some interesting licks that fit better, but it took all my might not to start shredding. so i just gave in and voila! The Phone Call.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
i like it. It had a great ambience except in the end. you went into the fast stuff too quickly. and in you could tighten up the fast picking in the ende but other than that it was really good moody piece
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hey dude.. u've got some tune there.. i like the rythm part which is kinda relaxing.. but, work on the melody rather than bursting.. n it should be longer i guess to express the mood change in the song.. i'm new here, so i hope u wouldnt mind om my comment..

note: sorry, my english are bad..
i think the fast part is good.... just needs to be later on in the song, like at the end as an outro or something.

good otherwise
that my friend was cool. not only the phone call to make it awsome. but an awsome clean riff. really it was cool.

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That was really awesome. Sorta reminded me of "Punk Rock" by Mogwai.

I too didn't like the fast tapping/sweeping part. Whatever it was. I think it kinda ruined the mood, but still a cool song.