Hi im thinking on buying this amp as a practice amp, i play metal and heavey rock and i love thick metal tone i was wondering what your opinion was on it heres is its spec and pic

The TFX2 features 65 watts RMS, ECC83 drive channel, 12"Custom Celestion driver, three channels, independent 3 band EQ on Drive and Clean channels, Scoop, Vibe and Bright switches. X-factor DSP - 16 custom programs plus level control for both Clean and Drive channels, headphone socket, FX loop, extension cabinet socket. TFX footswitch included.

The TFX 2 is fitted with Dual X-Factor DSP packages, one dedicated to the Clean channel and another dedicated to the Drive channels

Clean Channel effects are

250mS Single Shot
400mS Delay with Repeat
500mS Delay with Repeat
600mS Delay with Repeat
Flange + 400mS Delay (with Repeat)
Rotary Slow
Rotary Fast
Octave Down
Chorus Moderate
Chorus Deep
Hall Reverb
Room Reverb
Multi Tap Delay
Chorus + Reverb
400mS Delay (With Repeat) + Chorus Deep

Drive channels effects replace the Plate reverb algorithm with a Multi Tap delay patch.

The X-Factor DSP ..

The Laney X-Factor DSP crams 16 custom designed effects algorithms into each TFX package giving you everything from straight delays - up to 600ms, reverbs and chorus?s through to stacked effects such as reverb+chorus, delay+chorus and flange+delay and a few shop stopper patches for good measure.

Tube Fusion is the powerhouse behind the TFX range offering every tone you could ask for - classic clean, crunch and lead tones spill out of TFX whenever you turn it on thanks to a high quality ECC83 pre-amp tube at just the right point in the signal path.

TFX is designed for players by players and is packed with player friendly features. For example remembering whether or not effects were selected on the channel you?ve just switched from and storing this information, so when you switch back you?re not greeted with any surprises. Also effects spill over between channels 2 and 3 on the TFX2.

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How much is it?

And... it's only a hybrid, and Laney's description is bound to sound like it's a great amp... when you might be able to affor some decent valve combos in it's price range.

But the only way for you to find out what it's like is to play it.
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my price range it bout £250 but its only £140 on ebay ive heard what it sounds like an im impressed but i come from a small town and the music shop is very limited and i dont often get out to the city to dawsons i was wondering if there are ne better amps out there that i could order off the net
Hmm, you could get a Roland Cube of some kind, they're great for heavy rock/metal.
I'm sure one would sound better than that Laney for that type of stuff, loads of people here swear by theirs.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Laney builds a very good amp. In the UK it's probably a great deal. I haven't played or hear one, perhaps you could find a store that has one you can check out.
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i brought the amp and its amazing the tube sounds is fantastic and i was surpreised at the quality of the clean channel. the tube in this means that it is louder than my 100watt marshal and its got far more tone