Haven't written or composed anything in a while due to "revision". This didn't take me very long but I like it, it's pretty simple and short and could probably do with a few changes. Just tell me what you think and Ill crit back anyone. Oh it's acoustic by the way.
I like the way you used the two guitars together, although I think you should add some more tracks (like bass, or drums). Overall, I think it would make a pretty nice song
I have to agree, the way the guitars fit together is rather cool I loved bars 7 - 10 the little shuffle kinda thing is brilliant. Over all good job some bass to fill out the sound of the chords would be cool i dont see drums adding to that song though IMO
I liked the section around :45 to 1:03, but other than that it just sounds too varied to be mellow. Like I like the chord backing, but for the "mood" of the song, I don't really like the lead's part, because it makes it sound too randomized for me. Maybe put something in there that you can loop, or make the lead quieter, because I really like the backing chords. Other than that, I can't really suggest anything, because I like it for the most part.

Also, kudos to you. This is kind of a backhanded compliment, but you have come really really far IMO since you started posting powertabs (I did not enjoy your first ). It's fun to see you flourish haha.

And thanks for critting mine!
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Thanks for the comments I'll see what I can do. Especially thanks for MadMudgeN's comment. Means a lot, appreciate it