Hey, im new here so err... Hi Ultimate-Guitar.com forum users!!

I'd like to know, i live in Sweden, and im going to France tomorrow. The thing is that i got like 150 Euro from my dad, and i thought that it would be nice to buy a new guitar for this money. An acoustic one. So, what i want to know is: is France a good place for buying guitars (i hear everything's kinda expensive over there..) or should i just save the money and buy a guitar once i get home.

Well if there are other users on here that are from sweden, then maybe you could help me out the best? I would really like to get an answer on this question as fast as possible since im leaving tomorrow at 4 am..

Same prices over here than anywhere else (well at least same prices than England and USA not sure about Sweden though)
Things may be more expensive in Paris, but not much
Guitar prices aren't really drastically different anywhere.
Just different currency values.
Ok great! A new guitar it is then
Does anybody know any good place where i could buy one?