I found an old japanese Jazzmaster knockoff at a pawnshop today, I bought it for the body and the pickguard, i'm planning on changing everything else. I have a few problems, so all advice would be appreciated.


1. I want to post pictures for y'all to see what i'm doing, I have a digital camera and i can upload the pics onto my computer, but how do i post them so y'all can see them?

2. The scale length on the guitar was 25 1/4 ". I want to put a strat or tele neck onto it, but those have a scale length of 25 1/2", right? so would i just move the bridge back a 1/4" to make it work right?

3. This guitar was made in a really strange way. The pickups were not set into the body, rather they were put on top of the pickguard. I need to route places for the pickups to go, but the body is only 1 3/16" deep. Can i route in pickup spots?

Thanks a ton!
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If there are no pickup spots, you can make pickup spots.

That's my understanding of it though.

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Ok, so pics...

Heres a full shot:

and A close up of the body, 'cause thats all i'm keeping

and thick pups, which i think look really neat. I wanna keep those covers, anyone know how to put old covers on new pups?

Sorry for the size and blurriness
That looks cool, I bet it'll be sick once you revamp it.
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ok, more pics...

I also have this guitar, a squire strat with three single coils. I don't mind the pups, i can get pretty good tone from 'em.

That is a Seymour Duncan 59 Humbucker made for the bridge.

So, it seems to me that the wiring would look like this

The pickguard for the Jazzmaster thing has switches for each p'up, not a 5-way switch. I'd cut out one of the knobs and stop using it altogether. Also, the middle and neck p'ups would be opposite polarity, so the two of them together would function as one large spread out humbucker.

So, questions for the experienced people:

Does this diagram work?
Would I be ok putting the 59 'bucker in the neck position? I normally play out of the nex position or neck/middle on my other strat knockoff.

That will work fine. I might suggest shunting the hots of the pickups to ground when they aren't engaged though, it's just good practice IMO.
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I just opened the 59 'bucker box, and there's only one wire coming out of the p'up! how does that work? it's a braided metal wire, what do i do with it?
Inside the braided metal wire is the hot wire...it's called shielded wire. Look in the center of the metal wrapping.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.