Hey guys,

This is a demo of a song I'm gonna bring to band practice for us to record properly. It's the first song I've tried to record myself, but obviously not the first I've ever written.

I recorded using the following equipment:

Guitars: Guitar -> Line 6 Pod -> M-Audio Firewire -> Audacity.
Vocals: Shure SM57 -> M-Audio Firewire -> Audacity.

There's no drums or bass because I don't have drum software or a drumkit, nor do I have a bass. It's just two guitars and vocals, all me.

Please leave comments, I'm interested to see what people think before it becomes a full song.


Click on "The Blue Period"

Thanks all.
Hey, that's pretty good. Would be intresting to see what it would sound like with a full band. When yoo do it with yoor band please post the full one on....I'll be waiting =D
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