What are you guy's favorite brands and models of guitars?
Wondering which I should buy next?
I'm leaning toward a 1980 Flying V with a Michael Schenker design Pink and Black.
Gibson SG. awesome

I dont like Les Pauls, but i respect their tone

I love the feel of strats but hate the single coils

and Ibanez's are not really suited to my music (classic rock, blues)

so ye, SG all the way
Martin 0001
Fender Stratacoustic

Gibson SG Special Faded (Mod)

DOD ICE IT 60 Watt
ZOOM 606II Guitar
I'll say that my favorite of all time is a Gibson Trini Lopez, although I'll never afford or likely even play one....

Of things I've played I'll say the one I like best is the '72 telecaster thinline, its one of the few guitars I actually sound like "me" on..... I actually play differently on them, which is odd.... and the tone is wonderful
Out of models, I would go with the Artcore series from Ibanez. Quite solid guitars for the prices.

Guitar brands is a bit more tricky. I've played a couple of each brand that's available to me, but I've so far been relatively pleased with Schecter (had one for a while), and greatly pleased with Ibanez (although I've only tried the Artcores).