Lately I've been playing alot of heavier stuff, and tuning down to Drop C and Drop B.

I'm gonna go get some new strings this weekend, its about time for a change. I want to get something thicker than what I have on there, and that will sound good with what I'm playing.

I do play in Drop D still from time to time, so I'm looking for durable strings that can take the constant tune change. I haven't really used anything heavier than .10s before, so any tips would be appreciated. Also - Do heavier strings make pinch harmonics more difficult? If so I'll have to try them out first to see how it works.

In the past I've used Elixers and D'Addario's. I wouldn't mind using those again because they're recommended alot, but I don't mind trying something new (I've only been playing since about September, so trying new things isn't a bad thing.)

As far as my guitar, I'm playing a BC Rich Mockingbird right now.. I hate it, but I'll deal.

Music-wise, I'm into alot of stuff. I play stuff like:
The Black Dahlia Murder (2 steps down from Drop D)
Job For A Cowboy (Drop B)
Chiodos (Drop D)
Through The Eyes of the Dead (Drop B I think)
Metallica (Varies)
As I Lay Dying (Drop C)

I use 11 or 12's. If you think you're going to be going even lower (like At The Gates), then I'd suggest 12 or 13's.

p.s. Job For A Cowboy is in drop C tuning.

[edit]: but if you're going to be playing in E (like some Metallica), then I'd suggest going with 11's
I would suggest beefing up your strings in the first place, not just for lower tunings but you get a much thicker, higher output tone.

check out www.juststrings.com . For the plain strings i'd suggest Elixer (i've had some for 5 months and they haven't rusted yet) and Ernie Ball or D'Adarrio for the wound strings. I'm not gonna suggest something like 11's or 12's because when you buy individual strings you can make it skinny top and heavy bottom which i prefer.
Job For A Cowboy is drop C? Hm, it still sounds good in B.. haha. But thanks for correcting

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with 11s

Thanks for the help