VIBRATO. Goddamnit. I need a better vibrato! I have tried several ways, but yeah...I know it all comes down to practice but I just had to make a little topic about it..

I'm working on the normal rock vibrato with the wrist. It's okay now but It's not consistent. Sometiems it's okay, but 9/10 times it sucks ass. I just dont have enough control over it and its either too fast and out of time or too slow and crappy.

I've seen SRV doing this little handshake thingy as I like to call it. He just grabs the neck and places down multiple fingers and shakes the neck and string with it.

Then theres the way Clapton does it, if I remember correctly. He only has his fingers connected to the string without touching the neck or anything and shakes the string into the vibrato...

Its too damn confusing. Any help or sympathy is granted.
I can't figure out what problem people have with vibrato, it just came to me naturally, and I think I do it just fine. But I'm aware that doesn't really help you. There are other methods of vibrato, including the classical method which involves sliding the finger up and down the string whilst keeping it in the same fret. The advantage of this(if i remember rightly)is that the noter goes both slightly sharp AND slightly flat as opposed to only sharp with the rock vibrato. The classical method doesn't really do anytihng for me, but you might want to give it a go if you're struggling. There's also Steve Vai's 'circular method', which is a mix of both the normal rock vibrato and the classical one. It's quite hard to perfect and I can't really do it too well, but you may as well give it a go. Hope I helped a little.
whats steve vais method? explain please.
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Good Vibrato comes with time and practise...but

Clapton has no thumb which can increase vibrato width..if you need to increase speed with vibrato putting the thumb on the neck quite firmly can help. Zakk Wylde has an extremely choked vibrato (thumb right over neck and shakes the neck with whole hand aggressively). Paul Gilbert virtually does a bend while doing his vibrato which is a nice style as well. Also try to tilt the hand to the left this helps me..few ideas to explore what's most comfortable.
another thing i've noticed that helps is to start really slow, and just do small, repeated, rhythmic bends... when you can do it evenly and in a controlled way, start speeding up until you can do it at regular speeds.

^^helpful with any technique, but the first i saw it applied to vibrato was in some book i read. just a thought

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try whammy vibratto
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another thing i've noticed that helps is to start really slow, and just do small, repeated, rhythmic bends... when you can do it evenly and in a controlled way, start speeding up until you can do it at regular speeds.

^^helpful with any technique, but the first i saw it applied to vibrato was in some book i read. just a thought

Thanks, I'll try that out.

Everyone, thanks for the help and mental support.
Pay attention to the pitches you are bending to, ie. half step vibrato, whole step, quarter step, whatever. Just try to hit the same pitch as you go up and down, or it will sound all over the place.
You gotta go back to the same pitch of the note or it's gonna sound crappy. Gradually bend the note up and down and bring it back to normal pitch. Practice this slowly, then once you get it down good, try a fast vibrato. If none of our tips helped, I recommend Metal Method. For more info, please PM me.
Thinking too much about it is prolly causing your woes
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Thinking too much about it is porlly causing your woes

It does take time but the things above will get you there. Biggest problem i see in kids playing is they dont move their hand and arm with vibrato..and if they have small fingers its difficult to move any string.
OK, I took on vibrato naturally because I used to play violin. To understand what vibrato is you truly must understand what it would be on a fret-less instrument other than a guitar. On a fret less instrument you keep your wrist off of the neck and basically wiggle your hand back and forth. With a guitar the fret is a fixed point between the top and bottom of the string where it is divided. You place your finger in front of the point instead of directly where the fret would be to achieve the sound. Because it is fretted, you must bend gently and slightly up and down on the fret to achieve vibrato, keeping your wrist out.

Do it as if you are making an OK symbol with your fingers. Keep your wrist totally out so it can move freely back and forth. Steve Vias method of vibrato is actually quite standard, considering that he is far more experienced with guitars than most of us and of course with those that DO NOT have an frets. Now you bend upwards and downwards without really bending up a half step. You are attempting to maintain the tone while adding a sweet sound to it (vibration).
i try doing this wide vibrato like guitar player jon donais from shadows fall does it, he just takes the string and literally bends it up a step but brings it back down and he keeps doing that really fast. i'll show you a video, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4340549255567204742&q=guitar+world
its so hard though, at least for me
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Vibrato is a technique that can look extremely simple but can take ages to master it.

For an index finger vibrato, tilt your fretting hand through a small angle so that your index finger points to the bridge of the guitar (not completely horizontal, some somewhere in between) this will give you a better grip of the strings with ur index finger.
Now push it up and down. Its important to start slow . It took me quite a while to perfect this. Best way to get it right would be to practice slow solos with lots of vibrato in it, for example, an easy one would be Metallica's Fade to black, if you into that kind of music. Or, Wonderful Tonight - Clapton, as I infer youre into the blues from your username.

For a multiple finger vibrato, for.eg: put your middle finger on the fret you want to vibrato, and index finger one fret behind it, and rock it up and down...This is simpler than the single finger one.