I've been saving up alot of money to buy a head to last me through college but im stuck on either a Framus Cobra or an ENGL Powerball
Can anybody give me advice on how one is better than the other. Ive done research and their both solid tube amps with everything you could want. has anybody here played one of thees/ own one?
once you get up to that level, it's more preference IMO, I don't think you can call one "better" than the other. I own a Cobra, but that's because it was exactly the sound I was looking for. I don't really consider it a better amp than the Powerball, it was just better for me. I may even pickup a Powerball at some point, they are kickass amps. You're going to have to play both to make that decision.
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yeah, I would agree with that seljer, it was one of the reasons I went with it.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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thats what i fuigured. I've talked to another guy from a forum who said he usess both. He uses the Cobra for recording and overall but for somereason likes the ENGL for certain songs but hates it for others.
which one has more gain?

by far its the Powerball, the Framus I hear is a thicker tone, but i haven't ever played one so I have no idea, but the powerball has Gain that will rip off your balls and shove them up your ass....so to speak.
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The framus is going to sound thicker by a bit, but the ENGL Powerball by far has the most gain on any amplifier I've ever played...

I've played every mesa, every marshall, line 6, peavey, I've played some Soldanos (not a SLO-100) I've played on most ENGLs (Savage 120, Fireball, Powerball.. Screamer combo) etc..

Put it this way-

The ENGL Powerball has so much gain that if you use a standard mexican strat (with single coils) you can evoke enough clear, cutting, precise and crushing distortion to play any metal you can concieve. From Metallica and Megadeth to Slayer esque distortion all the way up to levels like Nile, Hate Eternal and Cryptopsy.

With a single coiled stratocaster. Fitted with extra light guage strings... With the gain set to 2/3

Just today I played everything from Sublime (Think Santeria) to zeppelin (The Ocean) to Porcupine Tree (Blackest Eyes) Opeth (Masters Apprentices, Serenity Painted Death) and Cryptopsy (Cold Hate, Warm Blood) on a regular stratocaster.. I forgot my guitar upstairs and I used my buddies, which I'm trying to sell at the moment.. its got 9s on it, a stock mexican strat...

Not saying much, but I'm a tone freak.. So I dail my amp in pretty well before I say "Okay, thats good, I'll use it." and I nailed pretty much every tone with alittle fiddling of teh mighty powerball.

I love the amount of cut I get with my powerball. I never get lost in the mix, even with a bunch of crashing and thrashing going on behind the drum set in a death metal band I still stood out over my 5150 (rhythm used it) and bass.

The Framus will sound thicker, but the ENGL cuts a bit more IMO (from what I've heard of the framus..) and it also has more gain than you'll ever possibly need.

The framus is a great amp, though. I just don't know much about it
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everyone knows those arent metal amps, obviously you havnt heard of the marshall MG, lol jk, ive never played a framus no dealers in iowa but i played a powerball and was like ya this is a good metal amp