I see a lot of artist sigs getting bashed on these boards because "only a poser would rock a guitar with someone else's name on it"
But what sigs would you rock if you hypothetically had unlimited $$ to spend on any guitar, provided it was an artist sig(Les Pauls that only have Les Paul's name on them don't count)?

I'd hit a Tom DeLonge Sig ES-333 without shame if the price tag meant nothing
I'd rock a Dave Kushner Ravelle with or without the tag....

you guys?
A BB King Lucille.

It's got great features, and is quite unique too. It also doesn't stress the BB King link as much as some others do.
slash les paul, dave mustain DV8, jackson rhoads, angus young sg, jem

i could go on for a long time, i dont care whos name is on the guitar, as long as its good
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I'm really diggin' the K7, even if it is Korn's signature guitar, but I'd have to get that stupid 12th fret inlay out.
Definately a Zakk Wylde 'bullseye' les paul, a Randy Rhoads jackson V, Iommi SG (can you tell i'm an ozzy fan yet? :P) a mick thomson BC rich warlock or a mick Ibanez RG, a dimebag 'Dean from hell' it could go on, but i'm tired :p
Joe Satriani JSX amp by Peavey, I creamed myself the first time I played through that amp.
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Eric Johnson Strat. What is usaully the middle tone controls the bridge.
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Any of the ESP Hetfield sigs (ESP JH3 is the coolest guitar ever). The JH1 is an awesome V, the JH2 is an awesome looking explorer, the JH3 is awesome, and the Truckster looks cool and is the only LTD that come standard with 81/60 setup.
Most of the sig. Strats I'd consider. I could also go for a slash or jimmy page LP, or a Lucille.
Being a poser because you play a signature guitar is the same thing as being a poser because you play a Les Paul, everyone plays Les Pauls so thats more of a poser than a signature being that not many people play a Signature guitar.
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Alexi signature ESP...white and black...I'm not too fond of the black and yellow...
Clapton Strat, JEM, and the Wes Montgomery signiture Gibson jazz box (forgot it's official name.)
The only two I would ever want would be:

1. John Petrucci Music Man (Heck yes!)

2. Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Strat (Scalloped fretboard)
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Truckster looks cool and is the only LTD that come standard with 81/60 setup.

Not true. The EC,EX, and F models have 81/60 this year.

Anyway, RR1 Rhoads, Gibson Zakk Wylde, JEM77BRMR or Jeff Beck Telecaster for me.
Either Mark Tremonti's signature PRS or one of the Ibanez JEM series.
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I would get a John Petrucci Music Man with piezo and JP inlays.

Damn right! Those things look so damn awesome, i bet they play like a dream.